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RegMount was designed by divers for divers. We originally set out to create a camera mount that would be ideal for use while spearfishing. We new the mount had to be completely hands free, It had to be simple to use and it had to be in a position that allowed the diver to see were the camera was pointing at all times. We went outside the box and decided to mount the camera directly to the second stage.

After three years of testing, (which required LOTS of diving) and ten prototypes later – we had the final product.  That’s when the really interesting benefits came to light. Our customers started sending in their experiences and ideas of new ways to use the mount.  One idea was to swap the second stage with the octo and use the camera for selfies, or to probe under rock shelves. We discovered that the original idea for the camera mount was just the beginning. We are always improving and listening to our customers on how to make RegMount the best and last camera and light mount you will ever need.


No more bubbles

The RegMount positions the underwater camera in front of exhaust


No more wondering if your camera is on

The camera is view able by the diver at all times


No more bad angles

The RegMount provides a diver with a true point of view angle at all times


No more lost cameras

The RegMount allows the divers to see the camera at all times


No more waiting

The RegMount is the most user friendly camera mount in the industry, simply attach your camera and go

Lightweight – Low Profile – Low Drag – Hands Free – User Friendly – Reliable – Safe

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It is the responsibility of the user/scuba diver to familiarize themselves with the RegMount prior to use. NSS-CDS standards require a minimum of 100 dives in an overhead environment prior to using any additional equipment due to task loading. Assembly of the RegMount on your personal equipment is the sole responsibility of the user. RegMount is not responsible for damaged or lost equipment during use and or installation. Please dive safely.

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