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“More Stuff, Less Weight”

The RegMount Buoyancy Assistance Device provides the diver with the option of adding a camera, a light, or both to their second stage without adding any additional weight.  With the BAD, added accessories become neutral to positively buoyant while submerged in water. The BAD is manufactured using the highest quality material and is ideal for the marine environment.

The RegMount Buoyancy Assistance Device is comprised of two separate components. The BAD Tube, and the Comfort Chin Stabilizer. The BAD Tube, which is the primary source of buoyancy, slides over the second stage air hose and is positioned at the connection port of the second stage. The Comfort Chin Stabilizer is attached to the exhaust of the second stage regulator with a with a marine grade 3M adhesive. The Comfort Chin Stabilizer is the secondary source of buoyancy. It also provides stabilization of the camera as well as comfort to the diver.

With the Buoyancy Assistance Device, there is no need to worry about where your second stage regulator is if it gets knocked out of your mouth. The BAD renders your second stage regulator neutral to positively buoyant.  Just rapidly to your right and your regulator will present itself.

The BAD fits FFM’s, Side Exhaust Regulators, and Standard Regulators.

  • Offsets the weight of added accessories
  • No more jaw fatigue
  • An extremely comfortable diving experience
  • Ideal for use on FFM’s, Side Exhausts, and Standard Regulators.

The BAD comes complete with 1 Buoyancy Tube, 2 Comfort Chin Stabilizers

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Weight 3.0 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.75 × 1.75 in


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