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The Most Versatile Camera and Light Mounting System Available

The Universal Fit RegMount provides the scuba diver with the option of adding a camera, light, or both to the second stage regulator or Full Face Mask without adding any additional weight. The RegMount Buoyancy Assistance Device, BAD, offsets the weight of the added accessories rendering them neutral to positively buoyant when submerged. The extender arm allows the diver to choose the ideal camera/light position for the best possible angle while ensuring the added accessories are in a low-profile safe position.

The UFR is comprised of the five components. The Clamp, The Buckle Mount with Internal Lockdown Disc, The Extender Arm, The Accessory Kit, and the Buoyancy Assistance Device.

UFR Clamp – The UFR clamp is compact enough for use in confined spaces yet strong enough to maintain grip on virtually any surface. The UFR Clamp was specifically designed for use in the extreme marine environments.

The UFR Buckle Mount with Internal Lockdown Disc is ideal for use in confined spaces. It requires no rear access to the mounting platform to tighten nor does it require additional space to twist.  With the lockdown disc you simply position the buckle clip to the desired position and spin the lockdown disc till its secure.

The UFR Extender Arm attaches directly to the UFR Clamp providing a diver with the option of positioning the camera/light in the desired position. The Extender Arm rotates 360 degrees from its base point offering more angles and positions without the need to add additional mounting equipment.

Reg-Mount Inc. recommends the use of a lanyard / tether to protect your camera from loss in the unlikely event that your camera or light detaches.


  • More Accessories, Less weight, Low Profile
  • Complete control and access to your camera/light at all times
  • No more bubbles ruining your shot
  • Perfect Point of View angle every time
  • Completely safe- 100% access to your purge
  • Simple to use, Attaches in seconds
  • No more jaw fatigue
  • Fits Full Face Masks, Side Exhaust Regs, and Standard Regs.

Works Great above water also! Ideal for mounting you camera or light on,Motorcycles, Boats, Hunting accessories, Kayaks, While Camping, Just about anywhere you need to mount a camera or light.

Works with ALL action cameras


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